Forest of Songs

The Forest of Sounds is a musical-puppet fairytale for children. It is a sound "forest" theatre where the forest plats, tree branches, roots and forest fruits become musical instruments, puppets or parts of stage set.

Concept, directed and music by Peter Kus
Text by Ajda Rooss (inspired by stories by Sergey Kozlov)
Art design by Kaja Avberšek
Performed by Andrea Giordani alt. Marina Bažulić, Bruno Kontrec, Yaniv Shentser alt. Gregor Hrovat, Ivan Štrok
Produced by Children's Theatre Dubrava, Glej Theatre, Federacija

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Geschichten aus dem tiefen Wald

Dječje kazalište Dubrava
Glej Theatre

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Photos by Ivo Hans Avberšek



»… the show is a real play of music, art and youthful performer’s charm and  therefore has to be watched and listened carefully. This is a magic of theater art.« Mira Muhoberac, Vijenac (Croatia)

»…Exceptional art design and beautiful sound, combined with top artistry, take us away from the usual and demand from the young audience an active effort of watching the show. However, at the end this is rewarded by the joy of understanding and satisfaction of experiencing.« Iva Gruić, Kazalište (Croatia)

»The show enchanted the audience with imagination inspired by forestall stage set and its inhabitants, who lived through the adventures in all four seasons. Under the direction of Peter Kus the whole stage of this musical and puppet theater transformed into the forest home of the bear and the hedgehog. His performances attract us with magical images and sound, with humor, refined feeling and abundance of ideas. The actors Andrea Giordani, Bruno Kontrec, Gregor Hrovat and Ivan Štrok persuaded us with reach musical talent and great enthusiasm of performing on stage.« Sophia Juen, Vorarlberg Online (Austria)


  • 21st Revue of Puppet Theaters, 2016, Rijeka (Croatia)
  • Pannopticum, 2016, Neusiedl am See (Austria)
  • Sommertraumhafen, 2016, Wies (Austria)
  • Luaga und losna, 2015, Feldkirch (Austria)
  • Špancirfest, 2015, Varaždin (Croatia)
  • Kotor Festival of Children’s Theater, 2015, Kotor (Montenegro)
  • Fantasima, 2015, Lienz (Austria)
  • Cikl Cakl, 2013, Bleiburg (Austrija)
  • International Children’s Festival, Šibenik (Croatia), 2013
  • International Festival of Children’s Theatres, Subotica (Serbia), 2013 – award for best music
  • SLUK Festival, Osijek (Croatia), 2013 – award for innovation in pupperty
  • Beavers, 2013, Ljubljna (Slovenia)
  • Assitej Croatia Meeting, Čakovec (Croatia), 2012 – best set and musical instruments design, best music and best light design
  • Prelet Festival, Ljubljana (Slovenia) 2012



Forest of Songs at the Revue of Puppet Theaters in Rijeka, Croatia
Forest of Songs at the Pannopticum Festival in Austria
The Forest of Songs at the Sommertraumhafen Festival in Austria
The Forest of Songs will open Luaga und Losna festival in Austria
Three Performances at the Festival in Sibenik (Croatia)
New Award for The Forest of Songs in Subotica
The Forest of Songs in Subotica (Serbia)
Award for The Forest of Songs