The Garden of Sound

The garden of sound is an interactive exhibition of original musical instruments by Peter Kus.

Concept and original instruments by Peter Kus
Instruments art design by NatanEsku
Graphic design by Živa Moškrič
Exhibition design by Andrej Štular
Produced by Federacija

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Centre de Créations pour l’Enfance
Welser Figurentheaterfestival
International Children's Festival Šibenik
Živa Moškrič

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Photos by Natanesku, Nina Medved, Nada Žgank


  • until Nov. 4th, 2018, Krvavec Mountain (Slovenia): The Mountain of Sounds – AS PART OF “THE PATH OF SHEPARD DWARFS”
  • Sept. 15th to 29th, Vetrinjski Mansion, Maribor (Slovenia): The Garden of Sounds – AS PART OF FESTIVAL MARIBOR

Through a fantasy story about eccentric inventor professor Berlió, the exhibition is set in a fictional “botanical-zoological-acoustic” garden, where plants and animals are sound objects and instruments. The visitors are encouraged to touch the exhibits, play them themselves and create sounds and music.

»This place here is really cool. Honestly, the person who had this idea must be a genius. «, »It was ‘sick’!!! «, »Very tasty for the ears!«, »It was legendary, long live rock’n roll! «, pupils, visitors of exhibition in Maribor, 2011

»One of a kind! Creative and full of imagination«, Taja, visitor of exhibition in Ljubljana, 2013

»So brilliant, it is simple and has a great effect!«, Sabine and Florian (mother and son), visitors of exhibition in Wels, 2013