Bumm, krach, peng

Sound theater performance about a boy who didn't talk words but expressed himself through sounds and music.

Concept and text by Nana Milčinski, Peter Kus
Directed and music by Peter Kus
Dramaturgy by Nana Milčinski
Choreography by Andreja Podrzavnik Rauch
Stage set design by Dan Adlešič
Costumes by Katarina Müller
Light design by Borut Bučinel
Graphic design by Nejc Prah

Performed by Urška Cvetko, Krištof Hrastnik, Michael Pöllmann

Produced by Zavod Federacija Ljubljana, Werk 89 (Vienna), Cankarjev dom (Ljubljana)
Coproduced by Kuskus

Supported by Stadt Wien, Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana

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lightning plan

Werk 89
Cankarjev dom

Foto: Nada Žgank


“Genius musical instruments, from the carrot with a mouthpiece to the cardboard flute with a CD and the sounding tables – Austrian-Slovenian trio enchanted the audience in an almost hour-long fascinating play of tones and sounds at the grand hall of the Dschungel Wien theater.” Heinz Wagner, www.kurier.at, 7. 10. 2017

“The Show Bumm, krach, peng is full of simple, fantastic and effective sound objects… With the help of sound and a lot of humor, three actors present everyday life situations on stage… The noble pedagogical message at the end of the show, that children have to be accepted in their own uniqueness, might be understood only by adults. But this does not take away the entertainment and freshness of this almost an hour-long performance.” Judith Belfkih, www.wienerzeitung.at, 10. 10. 2017

“Young audience was as thrilled as the adults. They blow, drum, sing, talk (only the adult characters), finger-clap, munch, creak, croak, knock and bang. The ways of turning the world into sound are countless. When this noise starts to resonate on the stage, the children stay glued to their seats from the excitement. Perfect timing! There is not one tedious moment in the show.” Ditta Rudle, www.tanzschrift.at, 8. 10. 2017

“I followed the courage of the noise-making boy (who contradicts the authorities of adults in his own way) with full attention: at each moment there were new instruments, build before our eyes form everyday objects. In the follow-up, they blended harmonically and nicely in the life-rhythm of the main characters. The development of the events attracted our attention. The high-point was the symphony with a carrot clarinet, saltcellar – shaker, and often but excellently used looper device. Wonderful were also the flutes and polyphonic singing that enchanted us… (The audience) goes home with pins and needles in their ears and rhythm in their bodies.” Timon Mikocki, www.jungekritik.com, 10. 10. 2017


Bumm, krach, peng presents a character of an unusual boy, who does not talk words but communicates with sounds and music instead. If each thing has its own sound, than by playing them he can describe the world and express himself. But when the boy discovers his new language and presents it to his parents, the doctors, the teacher and his school mate, he is confronted by repression. They all see his creativity, imagination and uniqueness as a disturbance that has to be corrected. In the world which is subjected to the rules and social conventions, there is no room for a noise-making child. He has to learn human language and confront the majority. The boy is growing up, discovering his difference and looking for ways how he can retain his individuality in the world of limitations and prohibitions.

The actors and musicians ask themselves what would happen with each one of us if he or she would become a noise-making child. They present the story by playing and animating a multitude of different instruments and sound-makers, created out of everyday objects. They are developing a genre of sound theater where sound becomes equal to the other elements of theater.


  • Bookolino Festival, Graz (Avstrija), November 16, 2019
  • 10th Slovene Puppetry Biennial, Maribor (Slovenia), September 11, 2019
  • Luaga & Losna, Feldkirch (Austria), September 4, 2019
  • Lutfest, East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), May 12, 2019 – AWARD FOR ORIGINAL CONCEPT “LUTKOBRAZ MARKO KOVAČEVIĆ”
  • Festspielhaus, St. Pölten (Austria), January 2019
  • 15th Pozorište Zvezdarište Festival, Belgrade (Serbia) – CHILDREN’S JURY AWARD
  • 23rd Revue of Puppet Theaters, Rijeka (Croatia)
  • Beavers festival, February 2018 and 2019, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Festival Maribor, September 2018, Maribor, Slovenia
  • 25th International Children’s Festival, September 2018, Subotica (Serbia) – AWARD FOR BEST MUSIC
  • 26th Kotor Festival of Theater for Children, July 2018, Kotor (Montenegro)