The Plastonians

    Musical documentary about the civilization that emerged from human plastic waste.

    Concept and text by Peter Kus
    Music and text by Peter Kus

    Performed by Ivana Percan Kodarin/Lucija Stanojević, Gregor Hrovat, Peter Kus

    Produced by Zavod Federacija Ljubljana, Kuskus

    Supported by Municipality of Ljubljana.

    Foto: Nada Žgank


    • December 2020 – June 2021, Vransko Elementary School – WORKSHOPS AND CONCERT AS PART OF SKUM PROJECT (Faculty of Education – University of Primorska)


    Someday, far in the future, humankind does not exist anymore. On Earth, a new civilization emerges from its remains. From plastic waste in the sea, new intelligent beings evolve, the Plastonians. When they become aware of themselves, they turn to the past, begin to explore it and try to understand how they were created. Among the archaeological remains, they discover a golden CD with the most beautiful melodies created by humans. They try to recreate them.

    Plastonians is an ecological science fiction story that with the help of music and puppets takes us into the lives of these unusual creatures from the future. Through their eyes, we look back at the time we humans are living right now and the destiny that awaits us.

    Children will create together with artists. In the workshops, they will first make original Plastonian instruments from recycled materials, and then they will learn to play some well-known folk tunes.

    The workshop will conclude with the production of the Plastonian puppet and music ensemble, which will bring together musicians and participants of the workshops, will perform at the final musical performance, and remind us why we need to take care of the world we live in.


    • 24. – 28. August 2020, Maribor Puppet Theater – SUMMER PUPPET PIER, Maribor (Slovenia)