Wolheart is music and shadow theater performance for children. It tells a true story of an epic journey of a young wolf and speaks about the human relationship toward the wild nature.

Text (inspired by real events) by : Nana Milčinski, Peter Kus
Directed and music by Peter Kus
Dramaturgy by Nana Milčinski
Art design by Morana Dolenc
Puppet art design by Boris Sekulić
Costumes by Patrik Dolenc
Light design by Borut Bučinel
Choreography by Bruno Kontrec
Performed by Igor Baksa, Davor Dokleja, Karolina Horvat, Bruno Kontrec

Produced by Kazališna družina Pinklec (Čakovec, Croatia), Zavod Federacija Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Co-produced by Zavod Bunker (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Čakovec City, Ljubljana City Municipality

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Kazališna družina Pinklec
Old Power Station, Ljubljana

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Foto: Nada Žgank


“Carefully put together and visually powerful, Wolfheart does not just bring attraction in the sense of strong and short-lived impression, but is the result of a thoughtful creative process, which does not go too far and does not imposes final answers. Instead, it allows the spectators contemplation of its topics and visual quality, which are the result of good interaction of performers and handling of different theater techniques.” Leon Žganec-Brajša, www.kazalište.hr, Dec. 2nd 2015.

“The performance is a thoughtful and accessible interaction of science and art which empower each-other and offer each-other chance for mutual inspiration and interpretation… Wolfheart presents the story of Slavc through a lot of different performing elements, which nonetheless function as consistent and supplement each other. A feeling for the right measure of individual elements (which in their accuracy never forget on a grain of always welcomed self-irony) builds in the whole performance a dramaturgical dynamics and exciting unpredictability. The performance fulfills multiple purposes (as well as types of audiences): it is educative, humorous, critical and “full-blooded“ theater.” Zala Dobovšek, unpublished review


Wolheart is shadow puppet and musical performance which tells a story about the life of a young wolf being separated from his own pack and forced to venture on his own path of life. Along the way he is facing challenges similar to the challenges of the youth in human cultures: he has to say goodbye to the safe environment of his family (pack), start a life counting on experience passed onto him, face the new situations which are foreign and sometimes hostile, overcome fear, be inventive, gather the strength and courage and start a new life in his own pack. The tale about a wolf growing up is also a tale about ourselves.

The original text by Nana Miličinski and Peter Kus was created based on the real story of the wolf named Slavc. Biologists from the University of Ljubljana were following him via a telemetric collar from July 2011 till August 2012 (the project Slowolf) and reconstructed his journey from Slavnik mountain on the Karst in Slovenia to Lessinia natural park in the northern Italy.

An important endeavor of the performance is to unveil the mystical image of the wolf, which in the Western culture (and especially in children’s literature) is presented as dark, evil and bloodthirsty creature. Through the story the basic biology of the wolf is presented, as well as its relation to the man with the aim of better understanding of the wolf’s nature. Wolf can become, as in the belief of Native Americans, our teacher. Instead of destroying the wolf and all wild nature we should discover it as a source of our inspiration. The optimism of the story about “wolheart” is an opposite to the destruction of nature and the incapability of our cohabitation – the cataclysm of a planet appearing at the horizon.


  • Pippi Longstocking Festival, September 2018, Velenje (Slovenia)
  • 57th International Children’s Festival, June, 2017, Šibenik (Croatia)
  • 21st Vukovar puppet spring festival, April 2016, Vukovar, Vinkovci and Županja, 2016 (Croatia)
  • Beavers festival, February 2016, Ljubljana (Slovenia)