The Singing Castle (guide book)

Singing Castle is a guide book for construction of original musical instruments in the form of a comic.

Text by Boštjan Gorenc Pižama, Peter Kus and Kaja Avberšek
Musical content by Peter Kus
Drawings and illustrations by Kaja Avberšek
Slovenian edition published by Forum Ljubljana/Stripcore, 2012

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The guide book is intended for elementary school children, their parents and teachers. It consists of an illustrated fairytale and a comic about a king, who wanted to resemble the nightingale and made himself a singing castle out of original musical instruments. The book includes instructions on how to make musical instruments out of easily obtainable and recycled materials. It enables the readers to explore the world of musical instruments and acoustics in a popular and visually attractive way.

The Singing Castle is a three part project created by Peter Kus in collaboration with designer and comic artist Kaja Avberšek in which the same story is adapted in three different media: an exhibition of original musical instruments, a guide book for instruments making and a multimedia theater performance.

»Instructions for construction explicitly show that practically anyone with just a pinch of imagination and of course skill can make unique musical instruments from almost anything.« Uroš Smasek, Večer (Slovenia)