www.kazaliste.hr, Dec. 2nd, 2015: Men and wolves, Croatia (show review in Croatian)

ABSTRACT: Carefully put together and visually powerful, Wolfheart does not just bring attraction in the sense of strong and short-lived impression, but is the result of a thoughtful creative process, which does not go too far and does not imposes final answers. Instead, it allows the spectators contemplation of its topics and visual quality, which are the result of good interaction of performers and handling of different theater techniques. Leon Žganec-Brajša

unpublished show review by Zala Dobovšek, Slovenia, january 2016 (in Slovenian)

ABSTRACT: The performance is a thoughtful and accessible interaction of science and art which empower each-other and offer each-other chance for mutual inspiration and interpretation… Wolfheart presents the story of Slavc through a lot of different performing elements, which nonetheless function as consistent and supplement each other. A feeling for the right measure of individual elements (which in their accuracy never forget on a grain of always welcomed self-irony) builds in the whole performance a dramaturgical dynamics and exciting unpredictability. The performance fulfills multiple purposes (as well as types of audiences): it is educative, humorous, critical and “full-blooded“ theater. Zala Dobovšek

Mladina (Slovenia), 11. 12. 2015 (short piece announcing the premiere in Slovenian)

Mladina (Slovenia), Parada, 18. 12. 2015

VIDEO: Wolfheart in Old Power Plant Hall, Dec. 15th 2015 (TV segment of Slovenian national television RTV Slovenija at the show’s premiere, by Andreja Kočar)



Delo (Slovenia), Feb. 3rd, 2016: Beavers who “chewed on” to the children’s hearts (about the show in the program of Beavers Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Feb. 1st,  2016 in Slovenian)

ABSTRACT: ‘Don’t you hear how good it smells?’ asked the sound chef Peter Kus the curious elementary school children, during the cooking of the very interesting sound delicacies. With home made noise makers and instruments he cooked a magically  enticing musical story, which has captivated the children, gathered in the improvised kitchen at The House of Children and Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Of course, some of them didn’t want to get caught up easily in the imaginary world. ‘Do you think all this is real? These are no spaghetti, these are strings!’ pointed out a doubtful young spectator from the last row. But when they got to the ‘potato rap’, even he could not resist the magic any more and sang along with everybody: ‘Don’t you cook me!’ When the sonic meal was over, the was time for questions and commentaries.  ‘Very good feast, but are still hungry,’ mentioned a boy from the second row. The young critic will probably get the concept of the spiritual food some time latter. ‘What is that instrument which produces the sound of a frog?’ another boy wanted to know – overall the boys were much more courageous as the girls. ‘You will get to know it at the workshop when each one of you will make one,’ the chef Kus invited them. ‘Yes!’ resounded a loud cheer of all the children. Tina Lesničar

MMC RTV Slovenia, 28. 3. 2015: Kitchen where instead of food the sounds are cooked (piece announcing the premiere in Slovenian)



www. paraviews.ncafroc.org.tw, Oct. 18th, 2014 (show review in Chinese)

ABSTRACT: The question ‘how would you feel if you were a noise making boy?’ is a rhetorical question not intended just to the actors but to the audience in general. In watching the show children can feel the empathy toward everybody that is different.

www. paraviews.ncafroc.org.tw, Oct. 18th, 2014 (show review in Chinese)

ABSTRACT: The sound in this performance is the language that expresses feelings. It invites the audience to use its own imagination making out the meaning of the performance.

www. paraviews.ncafroc.org.tw, Oct. 19th, 2014 (show review in Chinese)

ABSTRACT: The audience was mesmerized by exceptional creative use of everyday (kitchen) objects and attracted by musical rhythm, that came out of  them. Občinstvo je bilo očarano z The show is not only fun but educative as well. 

MMC RTV Slovenija, The performance of Peter Kus and Nana Milčinski in Taiwan , Oct. 17th, 2014 (piece announcing the premiere in Slovenian)

VIDEO: BLTV News Taiwan, Jun. 24th 2015 (in Chinese)



www.kazaliste.hr, May 15th, 2012: Crazy musical forrest (show review in Croatian)

ABSTRACT: …Exceptional art design and beautiful sound, combined with top artistry, take us away from the usual and demand from the young audience an active effort of watching the show. However, at the end this is rewarded by the joy of understanding and satisfaction of experiencing. Iva Gruić

Vijenac (Croatia), May 31st, 2012: Magical forrest theater (show review in Croatian)

ABSTRACT: … the show is a real play of music, art and youthful performer’s charm and  therefore has to be watched and listened carefully. This is a magic of theater art. Mira Muhoberac

Večer (Slovenia), Jun. 1st, 2012: Three-part forrest (show review in Croatian)

ABSTRACT: …we dare to predict that this three-part forest which combines theater, puppets and music, will have may re-runs and appearances abroad. We would highly recommend it. Uroš Smasek

Vorarlberg Online (Austria), 4. 9. 2015: “Luaga und Losna” oppened with musical theater (report form the performance at the Luaga und Losna festival in Feldkirch, Austria in German)

ABSTRACT: The show enchanted the audience with imagination inspired by forestall stage set and its inhabitants, that lived through the adventures in all four seasons. Under the direction of Peter Kus the whole stage of this musical and puppet theater transformed into the home of the bear and the hedgehog. His performances attract us with magical images and sound, with humor, refined feeling and abundance of ideas. The actors Andrea Giordani, Bruno Kontrec, Gregor Hrovat and Ivan Štrok persuaded us with reach musical talent and great joy of performing on stage. Sophia Juen

VIDEO: ORF – Vorarlberg Heute, 9. 2. 2015 (TV segment of Austrian national television ORF from the Luaga und Losna festival in Feldkirch, Austria in German)



Dnevnik (Slovenia), Dec. 1st, 2007: Symphony of objects and sound (show review in Slovenian)

ABSTRACT: In the offer of performances for children and youth which prevail in the last years in theaters in Slovenia, it is very rare that we see a performance like A King Listens, which was inspired by Italo Calvino’s story and directed by Peter Kus. It could, for various reasons – as its originality and inventiveness for example, speak to a very wide audience from young children to their adult companions. This sound theater, as it is described by its creators, is actually a sort of ‘postmodernist’ combination of a musical performance and object theater which are very well thought together and complement each other excellently and thoroughly.  It is a witty, a bit unusual but altogether very effective theater piece.« Gregor Butala

Delo (Slovenia), Dec. 1st, 2007: Sonority to be watched (show review in Slovenian)

ABSTRACT: In the forefront of the performance is a surprising, vivacious and charming, live and straightforward, visual and sonic interpretation of the story where a trio of actors and musicians (Miha Arh, Gregor Cvetko and Peter Kus) takes an equal and in all regards a very innovative part. They literally take apart and put together the puppets – performing characters, mainly composed out of musical instruments and sound-makers. At the same time the trio skilfully and joyfully performs music … and conveys with this diverse richness of orderly sonority and music how important and meaningful at a certain moment or position in life sounds can become – for example the stomping of army boots or rattling of prisoner chains … or a gentle melody that flows by in the wind form the mouth of an unknown woman. Slavko Pezdir

Večer (Slovenia), Dec. 15th, 2007: Original puppet – musical “machine” (show review in Slovenian)

ABSTRACT: As Peter Kus is known to be a very diverse and innovative artist, known especially as excellent composer of music for theater, dance and puppet performances and films, it was expected the performance A King Listens to be a suggestive and original performance. Very innovative performances are his trade mark and are the result of his effort how to stage the sound and music in theater. Uroš Smasek

Lichtensteiner Volksblatt (Liechtenstein), Sept. 2nd,  2009 (show review in German)

ABSTRACT: A King Listens is a stunning feast for the eyes and ears. It never gets boring and the music, which is created constantly in endless ways, is colourful, fascinating and relaxed. Arno Löffler

Bulletin of the International children’s festival, Šibenik (Croatia), June 28th, 2013 (show review in Croatian)

ABSTRACT: Credits for the dynamic action of the performance go to the three actors that do not deserve just one but 52 applause. We were captivated by their interaction with the audience which was rewarded by an applause after each scene … The performance can be interpreted by a supposition that in each one of us, there lives a paranoid king – a part of us that does not have the courage to do what we would want. The voice of a woman represents the reason for which we become encouraged and decide to act. I have experienced a pleasant surprise and found out that our neighbors form Slovenia can create a great show. Iva Sladić