Workshops for children

The workshop of original musical instruments making for children.

Workshops are led by Peter Kus. At some occasions he is joined by a guest visual artist.

Minimal age of participants is 6.

Duration can be varied between 90 minutes to an extended multi-part course stretched over several days.

list of workshop instruments
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  • May 22 2019, Savsko naselje Elementary School, Ljubljana (Slovenia): Original musical instruments and voice
  • July 3rd and 4th 2019, Rijeka (Croatia): Workshop for Roma Children (in collaboration with Viječe mladin Benčić and  Oaza Society)
  • August 4th to 13th 2019, Kotor (Montenegro): Old music on Original Instruments (workshop for youth) – KOTORART FESTIVAL

The workshop combines music and art with technical education of children. At the workshop children will build their own simple musical instruments from recycled materials (plastic, wood, paper and metal). After building them, they will play them and search for different sounds that they produce. Finally, they paint and decorate them.

When the instruments are finished children will be encouraged, through different group improvisation techniques, to create their own music on them.

The workshops can be organized anyway around the world and the program can be adapted to a specific cultural environment, age or specific demands of the participants.


  • Kulturlabor Stromboli, Hall in Tirol (Austria), 4. 2. 2019
  • OŠ Jurija Dobrile, Rovinj (Croatia), 2017
  • Factory of Sound” – Vijeće mladih Benčić, Reka (Croatia), 2016
  • Galerija Kortil, Reka (Croatia), 2015
  • SLUK festival, Osijek (Croatia), 2015
  • City Cultural Centre Tainan (Taiwan), 2014
  • Dobimo se pred Škucem, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2014
  • International Children’s Fetvial Šibenik (Croatia), 2014, 2017
  • Festival Vizije, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), 2014
  • Welser Figurentheaterfestival, Wels (Austria), 2013
  • Kotor Festival of Children’s Theater, Kotor (Montenegro), 2012, 2015
  • The Blue School, New York City (USA), 2011
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, New York City (USA), 2011
  • Bazaar of Cultures, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2009-14
  • Španski borci, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2011
  • Kinodvor, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2010
  • Lent Festival/Art Camp, Maribor (Slovenia), 2010
  • Druga Godba, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2010
  • Frockarije, ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2009
  • institutions for children with special needs in Slovenia: Center for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children Vipava,  Dragotina Ketteja Novo mesto ES, OŠ PP dr. Slavka Gruma Zagorje ob Savi,
  • elementary and high schools in Slovenia: Ljutomer HS, Brežice ES, Brod ES, Žetale ES, 8 talcev Logatec ES, Pod goro Slovenske Konjice ES, Kanal ES, Šempas ES, Frana Erjavca Nova Gorica ES, Dornberk ES, Žetale ES, Ormož HS, Danila Lokarja Ajdovščina ES, Jesenice HS, Deskle ES, Škofljica ES, Maksa Pečarja Ljubljana – Črnuče ES, Cerknica ES, Celje – Center HS, Dragomelj ES, Škofja Loka mesto ES, Kolezija ES, Kašelj ES, Lipoglav ES, Livada Ljubljana ES, Bičevje ES, Ljubno ES, Rakek ES, Dragotina Ketteja Novo mesto ES, Vavta vas ES, Mengeš ES, Prebold ES, Majde Vrhovnik Ljubljana ES, Prebold ES, Bistrica Tržič ES, A. T. Linharta Radovljica ES, Savsko naselje Ljubljana ES, Rečica ob Savinji ES, Šmarje pri Kopru ES, Branik ES,
  • kindergatens in Slovenia: Kanal Kindergated, Koper Kindergarten (Pobegi, Ribica in Bertoki), Sežana Kindergarten, Pivka Kindergarten.


  • Girl in Vilenica, Kindergaten Sežana, Slovenia, feb. – apr. 2012 (musical fairytale, composed and performed on original instruments by 5-6 year old children) – AS PART OF SKUM PROJECT