Orchestra of Invented Instruments

Orchestra of Invented Instruments is a concert band on original musical instruments build by Peter Kus.

Music and original instruments by Peter Kus
Performed by Peter Kus and Andrej Žibert

Concert for Things
Konzert der Dinge (deutsch)
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Photo by Nada Žgank, Ivo Hans Avberšek


  • Mar. 26th 2020, Solkan Elementary School, Solkan (Slovenia) – POSTPONED
  • Mar. 27th 2020, Ivan Rob Elementary School, Šempeter near Nova Gorica (Slovenia) – POSTPONED
  • Apr. 7th 2020, Drago Kobal Elementary School, Maribor (Slovenia) – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP
  • Apr. 8th 2020, Maks Pečar Elementary School, Ljubljana (Slovenia) – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP
  • May 7th 2020, Škofljica Elementary School, Škofljica (Slovenia) – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP
  • May 8th 2020, Deskle Elementary School, Deskle (Slovenia) – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP
  • May 12th 2020, Mengeš Elementary School, Mengeš (Slovenia) – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP
  • May 14th 2020, Bistrica Elementary School, Tržič (Slovenia) – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP
  • June 4th 2020, Majde Vrhovnik Elementary School, Ljubljana – CONCERT AND WORKSHOP

Musicians show to the audience how sounds can be produced on everyday objects that lay around us and can be used to create music. The current program is called Life of Things.

The concert can be also performed in an adapted form for children audience (in schools, children venues and festivals) and can continue with a workshop. There, participants can build their own simple but effective musical instruments from the recycled materials.


  • Janez Trdina Cultural Centre, Novo mesto (Slovenia), 2017
  • Bobri Festival, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2015
  • Welser Figurentheaterfestival, Wels (Austria), 2013
  • Bobri Festival, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2013
  • Kamfest, Kamnik (Slovenia), 2011
  • Trnfest/Emonska promenada, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2011
  • Lent Festival/Art Camp, Maribor (Slovenia), 2010
  • Druga godba, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2010
  • Bazaar of Cultures, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2010
  • numerous elementary schools in Slovenia: Brod, “8 talcev” Logatec, “Pod goro Slovenske Konjice, Kanal, Šempas, “Frana Erjavca Nova Gorica, Dornberk, Žetale, Ormož, “Danila Lokarja” Ajdovščina, Škofljica, Vič (Ljubljana), Dragomelj, Škofja Loka – mesto, Kolezija (Ljubljana), Maksa Pečarja (Ljubljana), Livada (Ljubljana), Rakek, Mengeš, Vavta vas, “Majda Vrhovnik” (Ljubljana), Prebold, Bistrica Tržič, Anton Tomaž Linhart (Radovljica), Savsko naselje (Ljubljana), Rečica ob Savinji, Branik, POŠ Razbor,
  • high schools in Slovenia: Ljutomer, Jesenice, Celje
  • other educational institutions: The National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Center for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents – Vipava (Slovenia), Tončka Čečeva Kindergarten – Celje (Slovenia), special education  program elementary school “Dragotina Ketteja” (Novo mesto).