ecological puppet-muical fantasy,
7+, 45 minutes

Text by Peter Kus, Tery Žeželj
Directed, music and original instruments by Peter Kus
Dramaturgy byTery Žeželj
Art design by Gregor Lorenci
Music by Peter Kus
Costumes by Iztok Hrga
Choreography by Alicia Ocadiz
Light design by Gašper Bohinec
Video by Sara Bezovšek
Puppets and props made by Gregor Lorenci, Neva Vrba, Aleksander Andželović, Taeko Yoshida
Musical instruments made by Peter Kus, Primož Mihevc, Ivan Modrić

Performed by Urša Kavčič, Martin Mlakar, Lola Mlačnik

Produced by Lutkovno gledališče Maribor, Cankarjev dom, Kuskus

Foto: Nada Žgank

The ever-increasing amount of plastic in the environment has led to the development of hybrid forms of life in which nature intertwines with man-made waste. Trees and bushes hung with plastic bags, aquatic organisms impregnated with microplastics or melted plastic conglomerates on seashores are just some of the phenomena that point to a new era in the anthropogenic development of our planet. The puppet and musical show Plastonians transforms these apparitions of modern life into a fantasy ecological narrative intended for a young audience, in which we look at the time we are living and the fate that awaits us.

In the middle of the ocean, far from people, an island was formed from floating plastic garbage, where strange creatures, Plastonians, eventually evolved. In the story, we follow the adventures of two young Plastonian heroes, Čapi and Plastek, who wonder about their origins and face problems that threaten the future of their island. The story is performed with puppets and original musical instruments built from plastic waste. The performance offers starting points for puppetry and musical creation by young people, as well as reflection on the burning ecological and social issues of our time.