The Forest of Songs will open Luaga und Losna festival in Austria

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Theater

The Forest of Songs was selected as an opening performance of this year’s Luaga und Losna in Feldkirch in most western region of Austria, Vorarlberg. We will perform on Tuesday, September 1st at 5.00 pm at Pförtnerhaus in Felkirch. The program of the festival can be downloaded here.

Luaga & Losna is an international festival  for children’s and youth theater which was founded in 1988 by Johannes Rausch. Is the oldest theater festival of its kind in Austria. It takes place each year in Nenzing and Feldkirch in Vorarlberg region of Austria. The festival welcomes all forms of theater, including new media, dance theater, street theater, musical theater, puppet theater, theater with objects, as well as performance art and theatrical installations. The program is each year accompanied by international symposium for theater artists with the title “Theater and Image” (Theater und Bild).


Vorarlberg Online, 4. 9. 2015: “Luaga und Losna” eröffnete mit Musiktheater (article about the performance in Feldkirch)

ABSTRACT: “The performance The Forest of Songs has enchanted the audience with wild imagination, inspired by forest stage set and its inhabitants, who lived through adventures in all four seasons. Under the direction of Peter Kus, in this musical and puppet theater the whole stage was transformed in the forestall home of the bear and the hedgehog. The shows of this author echant us with images and sounds, with humor, delicate feeling and plentiful of ideas.  The actors Andrea Giordani, Bruno Kontrec, Gregor Hrovat and Ivan Štrok persuaded the audience with rich musical talent and great enjoyment of performing on stage.” Sophia Juen

VIDEO: ORF – Vorarlberg Heute, 9. 2. 2015 (TV segment of Austrian national television ORF)

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