Exhibition “Animated Sounds” in Kotor, Montenegro

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Music

New exhibition of original musical instruments and sound installations Animated Sounds by Peter Kus will be open between July 1st and Julz 12th in Kotor Montenegro as part of Kotor’s Festival of Children’s Theater.

During last few years, through several musical-puppet shows (King Listens, The Lost Tone, Forest of Songs, etc.), Peter has developed an approach called sound animation, in which puppets, scenery and props on stage are used as musical instruments and vice versa. This way, puppeteers and musicians don’t animate just the puppets or objects, but also the sound. Through this approach, dramatic and artistic expression of the puppets is enriched by the music. Original instruments and sound installations were developed specifically by Peter Kus for each show, and the music in the performances is always performed live. Sound installations like the Singing King, Sound-bike, Winter Tree, Centipede, Spider and many others will be presented at the exhibition.

At the workshop, before the opening of the festival, Peter has also created a wind sound installation in collaboration with local children – 30 wind flutes made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Instruments and concept by Peter Kus
Art design by Gregor Lorenci and Kaja Avberšek
Instruments made by Peter Kus, Jaka Mihelič, Adolf Košmrl, Jurij Kus, Jože Zalar ml.
Produced by Zavod Federacija Ljubljana

Instruments were developed for the shows A King Listens (produced by Zavod Federacija Ljubljana and Cankarjev dom, 2007) and The Lost Tone (produced by Ljubljana Puppet Theater, 2010).

The King



PETER KUS - IZGUBLJENI TON, Lutkovno gledališče, januar 2010


PETER KUS - IZGUBLJENI TON, Lutkovno gledališče, januar 2010


PETER KUS - IZGUBLJENI TON, Lutkovno gledališče, januar 2010

Sound Bike

PETER KUS - IZGUBLJENI TON, Lutkovno gledališče, januar 2010

Wind Organ



Photos by DK, Nada Žgank and Marko Ševaljević.