Faces of Water (NEW)

    A puppet-musical fairy tale about encounter of a water creature with humans.
    5+, 45'

    Directed and music by Peter Kus
    Dramaturgy by Maria Giulia Campioli
    Design by Katarina Cakova
    Costumes by Iztok Hrga

    Performed by Gašper Lovrec, Filip Šebšajevič, Peter Kus/alt. Urška Cvetko

    Produces by Zavod Kuskus, Al quadrato (Italy)
    Co-produced by Cankarjev dom

    Suported by Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia, Goethe Institute (Culture Moves Europe), Regional government Friuli-Venezia Giulia,

    Cankarjev dom
    Al quadrato


    Humans are biologically and culturally connected to water. It is the source and condition of our existence. It is like a mirror of life, whispering to us through fairy tales the secrets of our creation. Through the observation of the water cycle, the endless flow of rivers and the rhythm of the endless waves of the sea, we perceive our place in the flow of time. The sounds of dripping, trickling and flowing water bring us back in touch with nature and the purity of its inspiration. Water awakens in us longing and dreams, but also anxiety and fear. We admire its agility, elegance, shimmering and murmuring, and at the same time fear its destructive power.

    The ecological imbalance caused by the relentless technological development of our civilization is also reflected in our relationship with water. We are witnessing the pollution of vast aquatic ecosystems, which is destroying life and causing shortages of drinking water. Global warming is causing rapid changing of record droughts and devastating floods. Such events in our immediate surroundings have stimulated the need for artists to address these issues in the genre of audio-visual theater for young audiences.


    Children have a special affinity for water. They are attracted by it and the joy of splashing, jumping in puddles and splashing water is a model of childhood play. The creators of the performance have followed this affinity in designing the sound and visual identity of the show. The music in the show is played live on a range of original water instruments made from recycled objects. The use of water as a material in puppet animation is a particular challenge: it is formless, but can take any shape.


    The story of Faces of Water confronts the taken-for-granted availability of clean water in our environment. In an apartment in the city, someone forgot to turn off the tap and left home. The water pooledn over the puddle into a large puddle, and a water being rose out of it. He got to his feet and ran into the street. Those who met him mistook him for a puddle or a mirage. They were angry because he was spraying and splashing all around. He was a nuisance to them, so he retreated into the city sewers. He began to weep with grief and the water that poured from his eyes soon filled the city streets.

    The project is a collaboration between Cankarjev dom and the Kuskus Institute and the independent theatre Al quadrato from Tarcento, Italy. As a work in progress, the performance was presented at the renowned international festival of theater for children Visioni 20024 in Bologna.