The Garden of Sound in Šibenik, Croatia

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Between 22nd of June and 5th of July, the interactive exhibition of original musical instruments The Garden of sound  will be presented at the Šibenik City Museum in Šibenik, Croatia, as a pat of the International Children’s FestivalLOGO zvucni vrt RGBPARTICIPANTS:
Concept and original instruments by Peter Kus
Instrument art design by NatanEsku
Exhibition Design by Andrej Štular
Graphic Design by Živa Moškrič
Instruments made by Peter Kus, Jaka Mihelič, Alojz Košmrlj, Jurij Kus
Produced by Zavod Federacija Ljubljana and Forum Ljubljana

The exhibition was made possible by Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia and Slovenian Embassy in Zagreb. 

The Garden of sound is interactive exhibition of original musical instruments by musician and director Peter Kus. It is a contituation of a series of Euphonia exhibitions  in various towns in Slovenia, where Peter Kus collaborated with different visual artists (Kaja Avberšek, NatanEsku, Andrej Štular, Gregor Lorenci). The gallery visitors will get experience unusual and original instruments in various environments. This exhibition was previously presented in  Reims, France (La lune, Tinqueux, 2012), in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Ljubljana Puppet Theater, 2013) and in Wels, Austria (Welser Figurentheater Festival, 2013).

Through a fantasy story about eccentric inventor professor Berlió, the exhibition is set in a fictional “botanical-zoological-sonic” garden, where plants and animals are sound objects and instruments. It offers countless possibilities of exploring sounds made by different materials. The exhibition is interactive and encourages the spectator to touch the exhibits and sounds coming from them. It is suitable for children older than 5 years of age and adults.

Part of the exhibition is also a 5-day workshop for children and young people, devoted to building and creating on original musical instruments. Peter Kus and children will co-create a musical performance Bing, bang, bong and perform it at the end of the workshop on 27th of June.

International Children’s Festival is one of the most important and the oldest children’s art festival in the Balkan/South East Europe region – organized for the 54th time in 2014. It is organized by the support of UNESCO and UNICEFF and with sponsorship of the president of Republic of Croatia dr. Ivo Josipović. Besides rich theater program, the festival each year features a visual art exhibition of one European author – this year this honor was given to Peter Kus.

Photos from the past exhibitions:

Video trailer:


Peter Kus is composer, puppet theatre director, instrument builder and educator from Ljubljana, Slovenia. In his latest projects he is exploring the field where music and theater meet (among others A King Listens, 2007, The Lost Tone, 2010, The Singing Castle, 2011 and The Forest of Sounds, 2012). The performances were invited to numerous international festivals and received many awards for music and originality (see bellow). Besides exhibitions, he leads numerous workshops and seminars for teachers and artists. In October 2010 he published a guide book The Singing Castle, a Guide for Making Original Instruments in the form of a comic book together with the illustrator Kaja Avberšek.