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Photos by Nada Žgank

Directed, music and original instruments by Peter Kus
Text by Zalka Grabnar Kogoj, Ajda Rooss, Peter Kus
Art design by Kaja Avberšek
Performed by Miha Arh, Asja Kahrimanović, Polona Kores, Andrej Žibert
Produced by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Forum Ljubljana
Premiere performance: January 31st, 2010

The Lost Tone was an animated sound performance for children and adults. It consisted of a “sounding” stage set and puppets completely build out of original musical instruments by Peter Kus.

»… the messages in the show help to educate little children and their parents by means of an innovative and extremely witty text as well as with wonderful music and genuine acting.« Pia Brezavšček, Radio Študent (Slovenia)
»… the sound performance about the search for the lost tone turns out to be an appropriate metaphor of today’s time and its noise, where all the precious things are lost all too often.« Špela Standeker, Dnevnik (Slovenia)


  • Three Are Too Many – Two – Not Enough, Plovdiv (Bolgaria)
  • PIF Festival, Zagreb (Croatia)

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